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Why reckless lending and applying for credit don’t go together…

Major credit companies still have a habit of lending carelessly. As a result of its multi-loan practices, a well-known commercial bank has recently made headlines, as have other significant financial organizations in recent years. Unfortunately, the consumer is always at danger in these circumstances.

You must be aware of your rights while applying for credit if you wish to be empowered. It's a good idea to verify your credit rating with a reputable credit agency, like TransUnion or Experian, both of which offer free credit reports and scores.

As South Africans, we face a difficult economic environment that suggests we should cut back on our spending, particularly in light of rising interest rates that raise the cost of debt servicing and increased inflation that decreases household cash flow.

The National Credit Act (NCA) change from the previous year, which required credit providers to modify their affordability evaluations based on an applicant's monthly income, contributed to tightening the rules governing credit lending practices. Although this has improved things and to some extent given customers more leverage, reckless lending unfortunately continues to be a problem.

There are ways to escape the debt trap if you've already done so, but you should exercise greater caution when dealing with creditors that make unreliable assessments of your capacity to repay loans.

Start your journey to better financial health by implementing a couple of these suggestions right away…

1. Create a new budget: reduce spending and make a new budget that excludes any indulgences, such as eating out, shopping for new clothes, technology, and entertainment, in order to hasten the repayment of your debt.

2. Avoid adding to your debt: stop taking out loans and using credit for purchases.

3. Sell all the items you don't need: take an inventory of your possessions and sell the stuff you don't really need to fast raise some cash. Use the money to settle your debts in full.

4. Partner with a company that specializes in debt consolidation, such as Clear Review Consultants: we are available to defend your assets, negotiate with your credit card companies, and relieve you of your financial burdens. When it comes to lowering our clients' monthly debt payments, our debt advisers have great experience working with all of the major credit issuers.

Contact Clear Review Consultants for a tailor-made financial solution plan on 0215696041 or visit our website to fill out a form:

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