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Stuck with personal debt? Simple changes to your daily routine to become #DEBTFREE

Ignoring the issue won't solve your personal debt problem if you are stuck in it. Instead, it will make your financial problems worse. We are all creatures of habit, if not the majority of us, and this includes how much money we spend each day. If we take the time to sit down and review our spending, we will see that there are many possibilities to save money every day. Over time, if we regularly save money, we will be able to pay off our debt.

· To save on petrol, plan your travels better.

· Instead than purchasing pricey gifts from the store, give homemade gifts.

· Instead of pricey packaged cereals, buy fruit, eggs, or oatmeal (it's also healthier).

· Use fitness videos, go on a hike, or stroll to avoid paying a gym membership.

· Instead of purchasing coffee, make your own at home because even tiny sums add up quickly.

· Each day, pack a lunch.

· Place yourself out of the way of temptation and refrain from window shopping until you are debt-free if you are aware that you cannot control your urges at specific retail establishments.

· Get updated insurance quotes for your home, automobile, and life. Try to negotiate cheaper payments.

· Reduce the value of your DSTV plan or cancel it totally (the latter is advised).

· Shop the sales racks at your neighbourhood grocery store. Whenever feasible, buy generic brands.

· Stop spending money on luxuries like magazines, newspapers, or spa visits. These are not needs, thus losing out on them will be worth achieving debt freedom.

· Take on temporary or part-time work to supplement your income, and use the extra money to pay off your personal debt.

· Buy your most expensive staple foods in large quantities (such as bread, cheese, and meat). Create a monthly budget for supplemental purchases at conventional grocery stores, such as fresh salad components, fruits, etc.

· Never order dessert at a restaurant; instead, choose water. You'll make a substantial savings. Choose inexpensive appetizers rather than a large meal (it will be better for your waistline too!).

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