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become debt free today


Our Debt Mediation program is the perfect solution to becoming debt free, we are able to reduce your monthly debt obligations by providing you a tailor made debt solution plan that suits your monthly expenses.


We are committed to providing the best debt solutions and service excellence to all South Africans in need of debt relief and legal cover.

We have many years of experience within the financial industry and have decided to offer a specifically focused consumer credit solution company that offers debt review cancellation and debt counselling services to help consumers with their monthly debt obligations as best as we can. 

Our well trained team of consultants are committed to assisting our clients achieve financial freedom and debt relief through our various debt solution service offerings as well as removing debt review flagging from clients names on ITC and enabling them to become credit worthy again. 

At Clear Review our consultants will handle all debt matters on the clients behalf, which means less stress and one foot into the door of financial freedom and independence. 

We offer the following financial solution services:

Reach out today and we will assist you in taking your first step towards financial freedom.

We offer the following services:

- Debt review status removal

- Debt mediation

- Legal cover

Get in touch today:

Call: 021 569 6041

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