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No matter what legal problem life throws at you.


Legal Litigation Gold Package @ R125.00 - R149.00 per month
R120 000 cover

Legal Litigation cover Includes:


1.1 Clear Review Consultants will engage Miran Legal Services for the following services:


a) Telephonic advice -when calling, the legal advisor will try and resolve the issue OR may      advise due to the complexity of the matter, he will have to study case law and revert back to  you OR provide you with standard documentation and contracts as required

b) Drafting of basic Contracts namely: Domestic Worker Contract, Basic Sale Contract, Power  of Attorney, Rental Contract.

c) A half hour consultation, should the need arise for an attorney to deal with the matter        further.

d) Reduced attorney fees for the member in the event of litigation.

e) Legal Prime

  • Includes all the benefits Of Option 1.

  • R120 000 legal expense cover per annum.

  • 90 days waiting period.

  • Discounts on registration Of Family & Business Trust & Company to protect your assets from creditors.

f) Legal Mediation

  • Settlement negotiations to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible.

  • Necessary Telephone calls on your behalf.

  • Necessary Letters/Faxes/Emails.

  • Review of legal documentation.


g) Legal Representation

  • In the event that you must appear in Court, the legal adviser will refer you to a panel attorney in your area that specialises in that particular field —once matter is finalised, we will pay your legal bill.

  • Any matter excluded or those that originated before the Inception Date of the (date of premium), will be referred to as a "historical/old" case, may be attended too, on the condition that you pay the legal bill that is based on our reduced panel attorney tariffsg)


h) Family Matters Covered

  • Uncontested Divorces—Speedy settlements are the main object which will cause less Stress and financial Strain.

  •  Advice only On Maintenance/Custody, Protection Orders.


i) Civil Matters

  • Institute civil action on your behalf OR defend an action instituted against you.

  • Prepare and serve a Letter of Demand, issue a Summons and obtain a Warrant of Execution.

  • Negotiate the removal Of a Black listing.

  • Obtain a Rescission of Judgment.

  • Dispute a Garnishee Order brought against you.

  • Collecting debt on your behalf.

  • nstitute proceedings against service providers to ensure your rights are protected in terms

    of the National Credit and Consumer Protection Acts related to paying off accounts/defective goods purchased.

Very Important: To ensure that you are covered at all times, please have funds in your account when the monthly premium is deducted 

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